Friday, June 28, 2013

Melanoma Man vs. Young Healthy Radiation Oncologist

And the winner is... Young Healthy radiation oncologist!!!!! He was a long shot to win, but he did it. I don't really know if the doc was young except from his pic on the website. I didn't go to this appointment, attempted, but was quickly overruled by the MM. Gotta pick my battles. Stereotactic brain radiation has been scheduled for July 3rd. And I'm driving as mandated by radiation oncologist. I love it when people with authority back up my decisions. I think "well I am a genius after all. Didn't go to Princeton, but what I've got is worth more."  I like to tease Melanoma Man about his fancy Princeton education.

The house has been quiet since Sunday when iMac left for the church mission trip. Last Saturday was imac's 13th birthday. He wanted to go to Aquatica waterpark in Orlando. This is my second favorite waterpark. The first being Wild Wadi in Dubai. It was the first time iMac and Butter have been there without Melanoma Man. We brought an extra set of parents and one extra kid to pad things out a bit. Melanoma Man was there for the birthday eve dinner, birthday breakfast and present opening. After breakfast he drove home so he and ChaCha could watch golf on tv, safe from the sun. I obsessively applied sunscreen to the kiddos every 90 minutes. I so wanted to whisper in the ears of the sleeping sunbathers, "Mela-noH-maH, it's coming to get you." Most folks wouldn't consider that friendly, so I refrained. These days when I walk on the beach I have an urge to throw large towels over people, like I'm some kind of new superhero coming to their rescue.

So I'm getting ready for my VAY CAY TION. Lots of people have said things today like: "Have a great vacation!" and "Enjoy your time off!" I'm driving the kids to stay with Uncle Wayne while Melanoma Man and I return to Tampa for his brain radiation. Have a great vacation? Really?

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