Friday, February 27, 2015

The long and the short of it

The elation of no NEW brain Tumors wore off pretty quickly this time. Dr. Etame noted that the left temporal lobe tumor is still present, appears stable in size. He went through the images one by one with Melanoma Man on Wednesday, with a caution that the official reading by the radiologist is still pending. Separately today MM and I checked the electronic record, still no radiology report.

I found a new acupuncturist, since my last one moved to Colorado in December. As usual I tried to tough it out, but have not been entirely successful. The days are mostly fine, but nights are filled with bad dreams and nightmares. 

Last week the nightmare was me trying to find my eldest son in the children's hospital. In the dream my eldest also had melanoma, and had just undergone surgery. I was not allowed entry into the hospital unless I took all my clothes off and left them in security. I was the only lost naked person wandering the hospital halls. Let's just say that even in my dreams I am no Cindy Crawford. The only thing we have in common is that we are both 48. There was one person in the dream who would acknowledge me and help me find my son, TW. TW is one of my real life colleagues and is also kind and helpful in real life.

Last night's nightmare involved Melanoma Man fixing something on our roof. He had the brilliant idea to get to the roof by holding on to the garage door, pressing the garage door opener and riding the door to the top. In the dream things didn't go well with the garage door. MM made it to the top and was then catapulted to the pavement. We were in West Virginia for some reason. I knew to call 911, but couldn't remember where we lived. Of course I couldn't remember where we lived, because we have never lived in West Virginia! 

So in the morning I will walk on he beach with my Stephen minister. I'll say my prayers. I'll try out a new acupuncturist. Sweet dreams to all.

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