Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Tonight MM is at the cancer hotel in Tampa. In the morning he'll get his labs drawn, early. Then an 8:15 appointment with The Weber. He has promised to tell him about the recent respiratory illness with fever and the cough that still won't go away. Also the episodes of leaving the stove top on and leaving the house. Those were three weeks ago and it hasn't happened since. It was a week filled with forgetting. His brain is so mysterious these days. We enter periods of scheduling mishaps, forgetting appointments, forgetting entire conversations. Then we have a clear patch when everything seems to be firing correctly. Then a patch of chills every night and fever, shortness of breath induced by the exertion of putting on socks, coughing all night, oxygen saturation a of 85-87. A few days later no more chills, no fever, oxygen saturation holding at 90. Through it all he is emailing, making phone calls, taking ibuprofen and showing up to volunteer at the library book sale, or to run the Boy Scout meeting. Then home to collapse and have me try to patch him back together. No, he doesn't want to see his internist. He wants to wait to see The Weber.

We attend to the activities of daily life such as groceries, homework, swim team for Butter, Karate for iMac. On Saurday we squeeze in a trip to the UPS store to have a power of attorney notarized giving each of us control over all the accounts just in case the other should die.

This morning I dump the three baskets of clean laundry onto my bed in order to trick myself into putting it away tonight. It worked. There are clean sorted clothes which we all be able to find in the morning.

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