Thursday, September 15, 2016

High Maintence with Dr. OC

So it turns out Dr. O's name actually starts with a C, but I am determined to call him Dr. O. Tonight he came in, surprised to see Cha, imac, Uncool Wayne visiting. He says he has never seen a cat here, just dogs. Probably because cats are often  non-compliant with entry into cat carriers.

The social worker still has a plan for discharge to home on Tuesday, hospital bed delivery Monday. Best news of all today is that Call Me Ishmael is still available to help us at home and is up for the additional level of care. As it turns out Ishmael is working towards becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant so actually looks forward to learning to care for a more complex Melanoma Man and to the continuity of staying with the same patient over time.

My boss is working with me to help me preserve my remaining FMLA

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