Friday, October 25, 2013


Time is both slowing down and speeding up simultaneously. While this week seems like the longest week ever, six weeks from now seems too close and too soon. Melanoma Man and I made the trip down to Tampa on Wednesday. We left home around 9:30 a.m. and returned at 9:30 p.m. Neighbor and friend extraordinaire, MK, was waiting up for us in the living room having already gotten the boys washed and scrubbed and into bed.

MM and I had a great day in spite of the purpose of our trip. We talked and talked about news and books and life and the kids. There were few interruptions. I was reminded of all that I love about him. That made me a little bit mad because it is that love that makes this all hurt so very much.

We met with Dr. Rau before the stereotactic brain radiation. I warned Melanoma Man ahead of time that I had questions and that I planned to ask them and get them answered without him interrupting me. He was on good behavior, having been forewarned. The four tumors I had heard about were now five tumors. They were indeed small, but now showing up in the temporal and parietal lobes in addition to the frontal lobe, making their march across MM's brain.

We are on a 6 week leash this time, instead of the usual 12 week schedule. MM will have a repeat brain MRI in 6 weeks. It's a lot of pressure, making the most of these snippets of time, being always aware that we are on the clock.

Saturday MM heads to another campout with our Webelo, Butter, and fellow scouts. Brain surgery Wednesday, camping Saturday. Who would have thought?

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