Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Well MM rallied and would not hear of disappointing iMac and Butter. He refused to cancel Thanksgiving travel plans, rationalizing that driving posed no problem because he would be sitting down. Driving he said would not deplete his oxygen whatsoever. Well to my thinking pneumonia doesn't care whether you are sitting, driving or lying down. The only consolation for me, that the 10 day course of Levaquin would possibly keep the pneumonia at bay. Levaquin, the same drug that saved my brother, Johnny Reb, some 15 or 16 years ago when he deteriorated in a period of two short days from fine to bilateral pneumonia in all lung fields. The fact thatJohnny Reb had no underlying health problems gave me respect for pneumonia.

I got home from work Tuesday night, leftovers. The shipment of Zemaira for his Alpha 1 Anti-trypsin deficiency had arrived finally, after a two week delay for no reason whatsoever. Melanoma Man did the footwork, spending approximately 4 hours on the phone with the insurance company, the pharmacy benefit company, the sub contractor and the sub sub contractor, the pulmonologist's office. Here are their explanations for why they did not ship on time in the order they were given: we couldn't ship without the patient's weight, we have no orders on file for you, we spelled your name wrong. The pulmonologist's office and the sub sub were on point the whole time. It was all there, the orders, the weight, everything. It occurs to me to wonder if the two week delay did not contribute to the severity of the pneumonia? In any case, unbeknownst to me, MM had planned for me to perform his infusion this Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. And oh by the way he planned to go out in the rain to get the pies for Thanksgiving after the infusion. And oh by the way he would still be leaving with kids and cat in the van in the morning.  I decided on the silent treatment for the infusion and it worked well for me. The silent treatment to ward off his instructions (which are usually incorrect) and his comparisons of me to his other nurses. Post infusion I grocery shopped for pies, an easy dinner for him to prepare for the kids upon arrival, breakfast stuff so hopefully he would not need to grocery shop. Up @ 5 I packed the coolers. Boys up at 6 packed their duffle bags. Off to work @ 7, having checked MM's oxygen saturation, pleased to see it hover @ 89-90.

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