Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Miracles This Month -my Messy Beautiful Life

Golf was this month's first miracle for my dear husband Melanoma Man. We are 20 months into his journey with metastatic melanoma, which is about 11 months more than predicted. MM's friend Jeff invited himself down to sunny Florida from his home in Connecticut about a week before the proposed golf excursion. I became suspicious of an impending house guest when Melanoma Man complimented me on "having a good attitude" about our recent visitors, Wayne and Rob. In the next sentence he announced that Jeff would be coming to stay with us in a week. "Fine,"  I said, "Just let Jeff know that I have raised the bar as a result of Rob's recent visit. I now expect all house guests to iron and do dishes or other assorted chores." Wayne did dishes too, but more importantly he was second in command on the all boys road trip to Orlando.

Jeff last visited about 14 months ago. MM was chock full of tumors, just 2 months into treatment. He rode in the cart mostly during 2013's golf weekend. This year MM played 17 holes on Day 1. He came home super happy on day two, having shot 40 on the first nine with two birdies. 

Melanoma Man stayed at the Cancer Hotel in Tampa last night. I can't remember the actual name of the hotel. I just remember sitting by the pool last June watching Butter and iMac play. I remember meeting lots of people by the pool. All of the people I met either had cancer or were there with a loved one with cancer. I wasn't alone anymore. They were part of my tribe even though we had just met.

On the home front last night Butter said he might kinda sorta believe in God again just a little bit. He told me his miracle story. The school book fair had been a bust. He had already read everything in his age range. After school Melanoma Man had taken the boys to the public library to do homework. Three brand new books at his reading level. He checked out all three. He said he thinks God sent the books. I think so too. By nine o'clock. butter, iMac, Cha Cha and I were tucked into our beds, having said our prayers that there would be another miracle for Melanoma Man today.

Melanoma Man was home by 5:45 p.m. today, having been scanned from neck to pelvis, blood drawn, laying on of hands, medication dispensed. Again another miracle for us. No new tumor growth. All existing tumors stable in size. Tonight he was in bed by 7, as he was for the two previous nights, still recuperating from last week's golf.
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