Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas cards

What to say? I told MM I wasn't sending any this year. "Oh, what about Mrs., and Diane, and your Mom, and Lisa?" he said. OK well a few. There is always the question of what to say. "Comfort and Joy to you in the New Year!" MM said. Sounds pretty good. My shortlist knows what the year has been. I needn't say more. I look through the basket of cards received, many from from college or law school friends of MM with stories of successful, beautiful children and grandchildren. I see signs of achievement, wealth and self promotion. I know it is there, the real life behind the picture, but I can't see it.

We are alive and we are here and it is hard and we get up again and take care of each other so that perhaps we will be alive and here and together again tomorrow. Tonight we listened as MM read a short story to us, The H Street Sledding Record by Ron Carlson.

Tomorrow I hope we can watch the Polar Express. Most of all I hope the bell still rings for me.

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