Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trampolines in the waiting room

Last Saturday I had the chance to jump on a mini trampoline. Now I think I'm in love and I must have one. Right now, in fact, in this MRI waiting room. A mini trampoline would be just the thing to while away the time. This is the fourth waiting room of the day. Maybe each one should have a different activity, coloring books in one, crochet in another? MM's spirits remain high, though I saw some glints of alarm when he heard mention of the neuro intensive care unit. Then again when he realized he had understated the usual hospital stay by 24 hours. I made three days of arrangements for kids. A few quick texts and friends have stepped in to cover day 4. Then again some concern when the nurse said this: No Driving for two weeks and then only if cleared by Neurosurgeon. Looks like I need to do a little more planning and arranging. MRI done tonight at 6:45 pm, then on to Chipotle for dinner. It was my first time at Chipotle and it was a good choice, not fast food, not restaurant food, but real food. Next stop was CVS. Snickers for Melanoma Man, York peppermint pattie for me. I was feeling nostalgic for the 70's and the "get the sensation" television ads. I am also highly suggestible and there they were at the checkout beckoning. 

Call from home-raining cats and dogs, looks like the "new" drainage system put in last week by the land lady won't handle the rain. It's up to the sandbags. I like to keep some sandbags on the patio, you know, just in case. Unfortunately the drainage guy unhooked our fabulous duck taped Jeri rigged pump when he was digging his fancy dysfunctional trench. Now iMac and butter are trying to reinstate our pump system to it's former glory in the dark, in the rain. I suppose this is some kind of learning opportunity? Perhaps the lesson for me is don't forget to hook up the pump before you leave home. Or maybe the lesson is who cares about a flooded kitchen, dining room, and two bedrooms, or perhaps the lesson is " whew, glad we are renting."

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