Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Today Part 2

I was in the parking lot at Al's Pizza. Butter and iMac had just returned to the car with a medium half cheese half pepperoni pizza. It was 4:30. Melanoma Man's appointment with Dr. Etame was scheduled at 2:15. When I hadn't heard by 3 I knew the news was bad. My phone rang. It was MM. He asked "Are you alone? I mean with the kids?" I wished I was alone in France with Jason Statham from The Transporter, but no such luck. (We watched Transporter 1,2, and 3 last weekend.)Dr.Etame said that September's tumor has doubled in size and one of the others has grown too. He is offering surgery, but neither is eligible for laser surgery, more of the traditional craniotomy, removing a 4 cm panel of skull in one region and another panel for the second tumor to access the brain and remove the tumors. That's all MM said. He was on the way to his next appointment to see Melissa at the new Moffitt McKinley building. I got off the phone. Driving home the boys chattered about Minecraft and asked not one question. At home they gobbled their pizza. I had bran flakes. iMac and I were off to the college fair. It was a madhouse. My heart wasn't in it. Neither was imac's but for different reasons. I haven't told the boys yet, which is fine since I have no answers and no plan. Cha has jumped into bed with me and in typical cat fashion tried to prevent me from typing. MM should be home in the next hour or so.

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  1. Now it is the next day .. where is your head. ... where is your heart. ..what do you need?