Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A day like any other, but not really. I had planned to accompany Melanoma Man to Moffitt today, then I looked at the calendar to see all the activities Melanoma Man would ordinarily take care of and decided I had better man the fort. We were both up at 5 a.m. I slept the night straight through without awakening and worrying. We sat on the sofa drinking coffee, watching the weather channel which predicts severe winds and rain today. MM was showered and out the door by 6:15. I started waking Butter at 6, purposely making a racket in the kitchen. Wake up can sometimes be turbulent, but today it is not. I wake imac at 6:30. Butter is out the door at 7. I deliver imac to driver's ed at 7:55 a.m. Then I return home to do dishes, start a load of laundry. I do errands on my way to my routine mammogram. Figured I may as well get some of my appointments taken care of on this day off. I receive my first text of the day from MM around 10:20. He has arrived at Moffitt and is getting his wristband.

On the way home I stop at Rack Room Shoes. I am searching for a pair of black dress shoes that will fit Butter for the band competition on Friday. Another text alert received "IV access," then "CT scans done." MM will have an MRI of his brain at 12:30, then lunch in the hospital cafeteria. He's not allowed to eat before all of his scans, nothing except Banana flavored contrast medium. His appointment with Dr. Etame is at 2:15, then an appointment with Melissa in the Cutaneous Clinic at 3:15. They are outgrowing their buildings, so the Cutaneous Clinic has moved to a new building, a 10 minute drive from Neuro-oncology. Dr. Etame is usually running late, always for good reason, viewing the MRI, consulting with the radiologist before meeting with Melanoma Man. It sounds reasonable to have an MRI at 12:30 and a Neuro appointment at 2:15 pm. Usually it's not enough time to get the radiologist's reading, so things run late.

Meanwhile I am home, washing sheets, putting things away, waiting. I'll pick Butter up from Youth group at 3 and hope the shoes fit, drop him at the library for Algebra tutoring, meet imac's bus, take imac to flute, pick Butter up. Then home for dinner, which I have yet to plan. I'll be off again by 5 with imac, to the college fair at the high school. Somewhere in the midst of it all I will get news by text from Melanoma Man, good or bad.

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