Saturday, March 5, 2016

On the fear of crying

Crying gives me a headache, so I haven't cried for awhile. The headache came anyway, last night in the Marriott, lying in bed next to Melanoma Man. Both of us not sleeping. We are supposed to be joyous and elated and we will be, but now we are just exhausted and disoriented. As if we have been to some far away planet and things changed here on earth while we were gone. We'll get home today to see iMac, Uncool Wayne, and Cha. We'll see Butter tomorrow when he returns from camping. I'm trying not to think about the upcoming week, but I have to. There is work. There is the job I didn't apply for last week because I couldn't get my head in the game. And there is driving. Melanoma Man is banned from driving, so there are a lot of places I need to get the kiddos to while I am at work.

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