Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The brothers in-law

My Mom passed away last Friday night with my sister at her side. I have received emails from all of the Anderson cousins with their memories of Mom from younger, happier days. I will clear out the memories of mom in the 17 years since Dad died and fill in the space with these stories and more of my own. Dad would have turned 88 this coming Sunday. I think they will celebrate together. The position at work that I have been waiting for just opened up. I am supposed to be applying online today or yesterday or the day before. I am at Moffitt Cancer Center in the Pre Anesthesia Testing waiting room with Melanoma Man. I can't get hooked up to wifi so the job application will have to wait until tonight after a day of waiting rooms. The brothers-in-law arrived yesterday. D, a flurry of activity, making biscuits, cleaning my kitchen, fixing my broken front door. W, who happens to be both nurse and lawyer, practicing with the Epi pen trainer in case Butter accidentally ingests pomegranates or pine nuts. Melanoma Man leaves a typed treatise on the kid's schedules. I leave a handwritten one. I purchased a tracfone for W, who will stay the whole time. W has a house phone back in North Carolina, but doesn't believe in cell phones. Since we have no landline at home it is essential. The kids will have to show him how to use it. 

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