Friday, June 24, 2016

An hour at the beach

That's where I am with iMac who turned 16 this week. I left MM at home by himself, not ideal. I made him demonstrate that he could make an outgoing call and answer an incoming call. No cooking, no operating heavy machinery. He concocted the beach outing with iMac. Once iMac and I were on board he extricated himself from the plan. iMac certainly needed it,  iMac spent the mornings this week volunteering at church with Vacation Bible School. The afternoons were spent working on physics and hanging with Mom and Dad. Just before we leave the house today, I tell MM he has made a lot of progress. He shakes his head no. It's not enough progress. He will never return to his former self. There may be improvements certainly, but nothing will be carefree.

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