Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 7 at home

Today sentences are clearer. He cannot remember his phone number or mine or how to use his credit card at CVS. There are periods of the day when speech gets more mixed up. He asks me if he is having a seizure. He is still speaking real words. Most of the words belong in the sentence, but the sentence structure is wrong. He can open the car door. He cannot remember how to use the remote unlock feature to get a book out of the car. His other brother Doug left today. People can be exhausting even when they are helping. Anxiety looms up in the car when I am alone for 5 minutes dropping iMac at his volunteer job and at night when I wake up. There was a month of mostly sleepless nights for me before the seizures started. I filled the time watching House of Cards, all 52 episodes. Now I have moved on to Frankie and Grace on the advice of Sara G. We are at Quest for the second day in a row. They did not draw enough blood. The labs are required for the flow study. The flow study will determine why his power port is not working. Both Lori (his infusion nurse) and I have been unable to get a blood return from the port. She suspects that the seizures which occurred in all of the muscles on the right side of his body caused the port catheter to move. Sounds likely. Melanoma Man chooses a movie for us to watch tonight, Bourne Identity, no coincidence as MM loses his identity,

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