Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sweet Things

One of my Mama's called me Wednesday, asking whether I might be able to trim her daughter's fingernails for her at her one year check up in 2 weeks. Well two weeks seems like a long time to me to go on with too long fingernails. "As a matter of fact I am running a special on manicures tomorrow. Can you come in tomorrow?" Yes, yes she could. I wondered meanwhile, who has been trimming this baby's fingernails for the last year? They arrived this afternoon all bundled up in winter gear. We wear our winter gear here in Florida if it's in the 60's. She handed me the unopened package of brand new Walgreen's baby nail clippers. As it turned out she's been using an emory board for the last year. That must take a long time I thought. Baby sat in my lap as docile as can be while I trimmed her fingernails. "Toenails too please," said Mama. These two I've fretted about and worried about since even before baby was born. Today they made my day.

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