Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is it only Tuesday?

It is only Tuesday. Last night, another night of shivering and increased respiratory rate for Melanoma Man. The episodes last 15-30 minutes each time. I lie awake counting his breaths sometimes, assessing the wetness of his cough, wondering if it is infection or just excess fluid built up in the lungs. Then falling asleep on the job in my very own bed. Morning light makes everything seem a little more doable. Lunches made, chocolate chip muffins baked for the boys, a load of wash started. I think for a minute of suggesting that MM contact Dr. Weber with an update on his symptoms, but I say nothing except "have a nice day." Later in the morning I get a text from MM. He has been at the elementary school listening to the morning announcements. Butter is the top reader for the whole school, having read the most books and earned over 1000 accelerated reader points. MM says he is off to get his haircut next and various other errands. He is upbeat. Around 2 he sends an email asking me to go to the middle school parent orientation. He has a fever and chills again. This time he agrees to the drug holiday and the steroids. I go from work to school, to pharmacy to grocery to home. MM is asleep on the sofa under blankets. I meant to go to bed by 8 tonight myself, but am still pleased with nine.

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