Sunday, September 14, 2014


I saw this on Pinterest or Facebook this week and thought "hmm, good idea,"
Putting it into practice is quite another task. Melanoma Man turns 65 this week. Don't let fate find out because he wasn't supposed to make it to his 64th birthday. He spent the weekend with 16 Boy Scouts and a few other parents on a train to Richmond where they toured the city, toured Civil War battlefields, reenacted, played laser tag, drove Go Karts, went to the movies and camped out. Phew. I am not sure how he did it, but he sounded delightfully happy by phone and text. He interrupts anxiety with gratitude and busyness all the time.Somehow I seem to think I can get ahead of, be prepared, get everything in order, ready for the storm, but I never quite get there. In addition to turning 65, it is a Moffitt week for Melanoma Man. CT scans, labs, brain MRI and oncologist. If I get extra anxious ahead of time, will that mean good news? Like I have payed my fear and anxiety dues in order to get a good outcome? Part of me believes that. Today I am going to try to prepare differently by replaying happy memories,

While we are on the subject of memories and the Civil War, I share with you a picture of me and Johnny Reb about 38 years ago fighting the fight. I hope you like my outfit. I think the bell bottoms go splendidly with the hat and coat, don't you?

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